Orange County Landscape Architect or Landscape Designer

Landscape Architect vs landscape designer?

An Orange County Landscape Architect, is a licensed professional. Landscape Architects are regulated in all 50 states, and are required to have many years of training and education before they can become licensed.  Each Landscape Architect has met a stringent standard of professional knowledge, testing and experience prior to becoming licensed and are therefore privileged to be called a Landscape Architect.  An Orange County Landscape Architect, as a licensed professional, can stamp drawings that are required by city planning departments for public approvals. These stamped drawings are legal documents that are used as instructions for the contractor on how to install the design created by the architect and the owner.  Whereas, Landscape Designers are unlicensed, unregulated and there is no standard by which to measure their knowledge or expertise. Even the good designers cannot touch the breadth of knowledge or experience a Landscape Architect brings to each project. In short, anyone with an interest in plants and design can call themselves a landscape designer or landscaper.

By Marty Dieckmeyer aka “Leo Martin”

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